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Swimwear (CM)
Snag Size Size Chest Waist Hip
A/B 32/34 77-82 59-64 85-90
C 36/38 83-90 65-74 91-100
D 40/42 91-99 75-84 101-110
E 44/46 100-110 85-95 111-121
F 48/50 111-123 96-108 133-134
G 52/54 124-135 109-120 135-146
H 56/58 136-147 121-132 147-158
I 60/62 148-159 133-144 159-170
J 64/66 160-171 145-153 171-179

If you are measuring between two sizes across your waist & hips and the swimwear is fully lined with power mesh, we suggest going for the bigger size rather than the smaller for extra comfort as our power mesh lined panties offer firmer support. Otherwise, we recommended your normal Snag size.

Beach Dress - Yippee-ki-yay


Starts Dispatching November 5th

Starts Dispatching November 10th

Limited Edition

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Gorgeous, flowy and the perfect addition to your swimwear accessory collection. Our Yippee-ki-yay chiffon dress is incredibly soft and delicate adding some oomph to your swimwear look.

Even better... it comes with pockets! There is a tie under the bust so you can decide whether or not to accentuate the area or wear it loose and flowy. 

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PRICES: We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. We don’t think that companies should increase their margin just because a product is sustainable. So as always we’ve kept our margin the same and passed the benefit on to you. So not only are these products sustainable they are super affordable.

SIZING: We’ve turned designing on its head, starting with a size 52 model, then working down and up with genuine fit models at every single size - rather than using one size 8 model and just scaling up. Our swimwear comes in 9 size variants, to fit dress sizes 32-66. Use our handy Size Guide to help you find the right choice for you - Size Guide.

CONSTRUCTION: All our swimwear is made from at least 50% recycled textiles. We’ve even used paper rather than plastic for the panty liners in these! Additionally, the Chinese factory that makes our swimwear pay all their staff a living wage and offers good working conditions. Every time you buy Snag Swimwear, you can rest assured that they’re both ethical and environmentally friendly.

CARE:  Our swimwear is machine washable at 30c. Wash before use and do not tumble dry. Colours may run in the wash so wash with similar colours. 

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