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So we fixed it. We believe everyone should be able to wear the same clothes whatever your size.

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"At Snag we've had enough of clothes that don't fit, people that aren't paid fairly and businesses that profit from pain." - Brie Read (Founder & CEO)

We are female-owned, independent and fully size inclusive - every product available in every size (from 2 to 34), with exceptional fit because we don't mechanically grade. We are super proud that every product, in each size, gets fitted on real people.

Welcome to the home of ridiculously comfortable, ethical clothes that fit.

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The Traditional Sizing System Sucks!

So we've fixed to get you the best fit every time

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The models on our site represent the world how it really is, with 60% of people over a UK size 16. We’re here to be truly size inclusive, covering sizes 32 to 64.