We Make Clothes For Everyone

Snag is a purpose led brand. Before profit our purpose is to make clothing accessible to every one.

Snag is a community led brand. We did not create the community, we exist to serve the community of people who are excluded by the current fashion industry.

Snag is an inclusion led brand. We strive to include everyone who shares our values, regardless of size, gender race or ability.

Snag is an ethics led brand. We will not bring a product to market unless we are confident in the ethics and sustainability of the whole supply chain.

Snag is a value led business. We do not seek to maximise the profit we as a business can make from a product, we seek to maximise the value that product can give to the person who buys it.

At Snag we believe one thing above all others: Every body has the right to comfortable, high quality, ethically made and affordable clothes that really fit them. The fashion patriarchy actively damages people every day - it damages our self image, it damages our mental health, and it damages the environment.

It’s time for the fashion revolution.