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Perfect for the every day, our light compression tights are designed with a new knitting structure that hug your legs. They apply a light pressure all over keeping the blood flowing and are ideal for anyone who works on their feet all day and needs a little extra support.

Are Compression Tights and Support Stockings the Same?

Compression tights are garments that cover the entire leg, including the feet, and provide graduated compression throughout the legs. They are commonly used to improve circulation, relieve symptoms of leg swelling and fatigue, and prevent or manage conditions such as varicose veins, spider veins, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Support stockings tend to be more medical and prescribed by a doctor.

Our Huggy light compression tights are *NOT* medical-grade compression and only provide a light pressure on the legs. They are designed for people who are standing up for long periods of time and would benefit from the extra support, not for those with a medical need.

If you require a higher level of support - for medical reasons or otherwise - speak to your doctor for personalised advice based on your specific needs.


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